Selling Fuzzy Head Bows!! :))

Hello Everyone!!!
I've started making these fuzzy bows and was interested to see if anyone would like to buy some! 


Size Comparison:

I have baby green, baby pink,baby blue, cream, and the darker pink is a different fuzzy materiel with swirls in it. :)
I can change sizes if you need!

xSmall: 2 inches - 3.00 or 2 for 5$
Small: 5 Inches - 5.00$
Medium: 7 Inches - 7.00$
Large: 10 Inches- 10.00$

I can attach them to  Alligator clips, Horsehair clips, Headbands, or plain hair-ties, just give me your preference! I may have to charge a bit more for a headband, like 1$, so we'll talk about it if you're interested.

Thank you for your interest!!!

Belle cup and The Green Hornet

So, we went to target today...
and bought things for the apartment and such, cause we had a giftcard...

and what the heck man...
this belle cup was so disturbing, I didn't know what to do:

So, naturally, not knowing what to do...this picture happened.
If you look closely, the straw is coming out of her vagoo. D:

hope you're night was as interesting as mine!

I saw The Green Hornet.
(I keep typing The Green Horney)
It was a pretty god movie! I Was surprised considering I didn't think that I was gonna like it that much. XD
It's always good when you aren't expecting anything and you get something good. XD


Milky Planet

Borrowed my friends Milky Planet dress and threw together some fun things.

I'm pretty tall, so I know that the dress runs a bit short on me. I need better socks/tights next time.

This is my first try at Lolita, I'm buying several different dresses/skirts/etc. now because of this. XD
Milky-chan the fawn is next. :3

OP/Socks/Wristcuffs/Necklace: AP
Shoes: Bodyline
Clips: Offbrand

Thanks! :)