caribouroo (caribouroo) wrote,

Belle cup and The Green Hornet

So, we went to target today...
and bought things for the apartment and such, cause we had a giftcard...

and what the heck man...
this belle cup was so disturbing, I didn't know what to do:

So, naturally, not knowing what to do...this picture happened.
If you look closely, the straw is coming out of her vagoo. D:

hope you're night was as interesting as mine!

I saw The Green Hornet.
(I keep typing The Green Horney)
It was a pretty god movie! I Was surprised considering I didn't think that I was gonna like it that much. XD
It's always good when you aren't expecting anything and you get something good. XD

Tags: disney, disturbing belle cup, target, the green hornet
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